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I have been party planning for years.  Although they were my parties, I turned them into events for my Family and Friends.  After all Family and Friends are important people so I've always taken pride in have the best layout, the best food spread, and the best treats!

My Family and Friends for years have been telling me I should be an interior decorator, a party planner or simply bake and sell my products.  After years of listening to them, I decided to give it a try with my Cookies and Cupcakes and it took off.

I love creating a variety of homemade Cupcakes with a variety of flavorful and colorful homemade Buttercream Icings. 


Everything I make is from scratch, the way home baked goods should be.  I use "real" ingredients and make my cupcakes fresh to order on that day or the evening before my customer needs them.  

My Cookies and Cupcakes are not sitting around for days waiting for people to purchase them.  Everything is made to order that day or the evening before to provide everyone with the freshest Cookies, and the Softest Cupcakes.

I want to see my business grow, while my customers are enjoying my baked goods and spreading these rumors around the state of Delaware.

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